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White areas on the map

As I’m in London and the keyboard isn’t the standard I’m used to, this post will be in English.

As a child I was fascinated by maps. My parents had a collection of old maps and it was really intriguing to sit there and look at the maps of old the Austria-Hungary empire and other such nations that no longer exists. So I started to collect maps as souvenirs when I was old enough to travel. I’ve got a fair collection.

So in preparation for this trip I dug out the maps I have over London to pack. I guess I should have begun to worry when I screened the whereabouts of the Tate Modern and the map said ”Bankside Power Station (disused)” instead of Tate Modern.

Last night we visited the O2 arena and the exhibition on Tutankhamun. It was well worth visiting. When I was looking at my maps however, this was uncharted area, white spaces on the map. I guess it’s time to get a new spiral bound A-Z. Map or not, we managed to get there in due order.

To top the evening we took the tube to Baker Street and wandered off down towards Oxford street. By chance we ended up in an Italian restaurant ”Strada” with excellent food. It is well worth a visit. I’m still stuffed.


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