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I’ve noticed that the Brits are good at pointing out hazards with differents signs. ”Look left”, when you’re about to cross the street, ”Mind your head”, when you’re squeezing in through a passage to get to the tables in the back of the restaurant etc. But they’ve failed to warn you about the risks associated with leisure time. Not only do you risk getting a tennis elbow by certain activities performed in your own time such as playing computer games, seemingly safe undertakings as going to museums may be dangerous to your well-being. I’m currently suffering from a serious case of museum legs. Sitting down in an Internet cafe is a real relief to my feet and legs. Having visited both the Tutankhamun and the First Emperor exhibitions has taken its toll.

When I suggested a visit to Tate Modern yesterday, my husband looked strangely at me. ”Are you suggesting that I should come with you? That is not very high up on my priority list. I need to go shopping for a new hat, and some comic books, and …” (As in ”No way I’m coming with you!”.) In my present condition I’m less certain I’ll go there myself.

Todays visit to the British Museum was a real hit though, I’ll make a full report on Friday. We arrived at the museum about half an hour before the gates opened. At that time the queue was about a hundred meters long. By the time we got to the teller the next time slot available was at noon. So we had a few hours to spare and I decided it would be perfect to spend it in the crime bookshop that had been recommended by a fellow blogger. The bookshop was to be found at 4, Bloomsbury Square. Just a few blocks from the museum. Perfect!

If you could find 4, Bloomsbury Square that is. Bloomsbury square was no problem to find, however number 4 turned out to be non-existant. Like 21B, Baker Street or any number on Diagonal Alley. I had to give that quest up but found another nice bookshop in the vicinity, London Review Bookshop. In the window display I saw just the book for me at that particular moment: ”The Ghost Map”. Of course I had to by it. I have since found ”Murder One” at 76-78, Charing Cross Road that sell crime novels but as I had just been a very good customer at Foyle’s that will have to wait until later when I’ve forgotten how much money I’ve already spent on books.

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