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Tisdagsförströelse 14

Förra veckans citat var ”Skräddaren i Panama” av John le Carrré. En författare i en genre som måste haft problematiskt under Glasnost-tiden men som nog har fått ett nytt uppsving efter 11:e september-attentaten. Detta är faktiskt en av få böcker av honom som jag har läst, trots att vi har många av hans böcker. En av den käre makens favoritförfattare. Som Översättarhelena konstaterade så har den också filmatiserats med en av mina favoritskådespelare. Men jag har inte sett filmen, bara läst boken.

Så, nu när ni kikat på den är det dags att ge sig på veckans citat. Som är?

The silence is broken by George suddenly snorting in his sleep. The snort arouses a primitive part of his brain and he flings out an arm, pinioning Bunty to the bed, and starts exploring whatever bit of flesh he has chanced to land on (a rather uninspiring part of midriff, but one which houses my very own, my personal, Dome of Discovery). Bunty manages to wriggle out from under George’s arm – she’s already had to endure sex once in the last twelve hours (me!) – more than once in a day would be unnatural. She heads for the bathroom where the harsh overhead light ricochets off the black-and-white tiles and the chrome fittings and hits Bunty’s morning skin in the mirror, making ghastly pools and shadows. One minute she looks like a skull, the next like her own mother. She can’t make up her mind which is worse.
She cleans her teeth with some vigour to dispatch the taste of George’s tobacco-fumed moustache and then – in order to keep up appearances (an important concept for Bunty, although she’s not exactly sure who it is that she’s keeping them up for) – she paints on a shapely ruby-red smile and grins at the mirror, her lips retracted, to check for mis-hit lipstick on her teeth. Her mirrored self grins ghoulishly back, but in Bunty’s 35mm daydreams she’s transformed into a Vivien Leigh-like figure pirouetting in front of a cheval mirror.

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