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Tisdagsförströelse 19

Förra veckans citat var mycket riktigt en text av Isabel Allende. Romanen heter ”Ödets dotter” och handlar om en fattig chilensk flicka, Eliza Sommers, som följer efter sin älskare till Kalifornien när han beger sig dit för att leta guld under guldrushens dagar. Trots de diskussioner som uppstod kring översättarens val att hantera namnen i citatet så är boken läsvärd.

Men vad är det här?

Walking back toward the control room, Malcolm said, ”I have one more question, Dr. Wu. How many different species have you made so far?” ”I’m not exactly sure,” Wu said. ”I believe the number at the moment is fifteen. Fifteen species. Do you know, Ed?”
”Yes, it’s fifteen,” Ed Regis said, nodding.
”You don’t know for
sure?” Malcolm said, affecting astonishment.
Wu smiled. ”I stopped counting,” he said, ”after the first dozen. And you have to realize that sometimes we think we have an animal correctly made – from the standpoint of the DNA, which is our basic work – and the animal grows for six months and then something untoward happens. And we realize there is some error. A releaser gene isn’t operating. A hormone not being released. Or some other problem in the developmental sequence. So we have to go back to the drawing board with that animal, so to speak.” He smiled. ”At one time, I thought I had more than twenty species. But now, only fifteen.”

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