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Tisdagsförströelse 22

Förra veckan fastnade jag som bekant för Kalavala när jag rotade igenom bokhyllan på jakt efter ett lämpligt citat. Ett exemplar som jag köpte i anslutning till Kalevalas 150-årsjubileum med tanke att jag skulle läsa den. Men det har ännu inte hänt. Inte för sent än.

Nu tar vi oss lite längre fram i tiden. Vad är det här?
Jag tror att minst en av er vet. Hjälp resten om det behövs.

Oh – we have this Euroneighbor named Anatole. He started dropping by when he found out there were other nerds in the neighborhood. As he used to work at Apple, we don’t mind his presence as much as as we would otherwise. He’s a repository of Apple lore (gossip ahoy!). He’s a real turtlenecker – one of those French guys who’d be smoking in the rain up at Microsoft.
He said that it was at Clinton’s congressional speech when John Sculley sat next to Hillary Clinton that everybody realized Apple was way out of control. Personally, I thought it was glamorous. Then he hit us with a bombshell, which was that Apple never had a contingency plan in the event that they lost the Look & Feel suit. They totally
believed they going to win. Maybe the PowerPC will save them. We warned Anatole not to discuss Look & Feel with Bug, but he said they’d already discussed it and that Bug had seemed bored by it. Bug’s forgetting his roots! California’s turned him mellow.

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