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Tisdagsförströelse 44

Förra veckans citat kom från Povel Ramels ordkynniga penna. ”Min ordkynniga penna” är en samling skriftalster som kom ut 1987. Det går inte riktigt att beskriva dem som noveller utan det är allt möjligt som lämnat Povels penna. Annannan lyckades så småningom lista ut att det var Povel som skrivit texten.

Nåväl, vad säger ni om dagens citat?

   The tramp walked past George and zigzagged slowly down the platform.
   He was very drunk. Drunk enough to zigzag onto the line. Too drunk to climb back off the line. George looked up. The train was arriving in one minute. He pictured the tramp keeling over the concrete lip, the squeal of brakes, the wet thump and the body being shunted up the rails, the wheels slicing it like ham.
   He had to stop the tramp. But stopping the tramp would involve touching the tramp, and George did not want to touch the tramp. The wound. The smell.
   No. He did not have to stop the tramp. There were other people on the platform. There were railway employees. The tramp was their responsibility.
   If he moved round the station building to the other platform he would not have to see the tramp dying. But if he moved to the other platform he might miss the train. On the other hand, if the tramp died under the train it would be delayed. George would then miss the connection to Truro and have to sit next to the toilet for four and a half hours.
   Dr Barghoutian had misdiagnosed Katie’s appendicitis. Said it was stomach ache. Three hours later they were whisked through casualty and Katie was on an operating table.
   How on earth had George forgotten?
   Dr Barghoutian was a moron.
   He was massaging an inappropriate chemical cream into a cancer. A steroid cream. Steroids made tissue grow faster and stronger. He was massaging a cream which made tissue grow faster and stronger directly into a tumour.
   The growth on the tramp’s face. George was going to look like that. All over.
   The train pulled in.


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Tisdag – med försening

Vill bara säga att citatet kommer lite senare än vanligt!

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