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Tisdagsförströelse 50

Säger det något om Suzanne Brøggers prosa att i stort sett samtliga (mig själv inräknad), trots att vi alla har läst hennes ”Jadekatten”, inte kände igen citatet? Kanske inte, det kanske bara säger något om min (o)förmåga att ta fram ett bra citat. Ö-helena klurade i alla fall ut varifrån det var hämtat. Det hade jag räknat med.

Nå, varifrån kommer detta?

He was the one who talked most, but I didn’t mind. I wish I could remember what exactly he said, but conversation doesn’t stick to my memory of Liam. We never sat, one across from the other in proper chairs, in a house or restaurant, or bar. We talked as brother and sister might, looking elsewhere, or we sat on the floor, smoking, with our backs against the same wall, and we talked incidentally while looking at the passers-by, thinking about other things. We talked a lot in the dark, differently arranged: side by side in the double bed at Ada’s, top to toe once or twice at home, or perpendicular in the dive in Stoke Newington, with two beds heading into the same corner of the wall. I used to see the yellow patch around his mouth as the cigarette crackled and glowed – then the red tip flew in an arc, as if thrown away. It made me feel slightly nauseous, endlessly lurching for the catch, and staying still at the same time. I am very frightened of fire. It was the summer, and sometimes we were still talking when the sun came up – but I have no idea what these conversations were. I put a phrase into the bedroom air, like ”Joan Armatrading”, and I think,
We would never talk about her. I suppose we talked about family, though there was a privacy to these things too. What else – quantum mechanics?


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