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Tisdagsförströelse 52

Förra veckans citat var hämtat ur Gerda Anttis ”Fjärrvärme”. Titeln får mig först och främst att tänka på långa grova svarta rör längs marken. När jag växte upp drogs det fram fjärrvärme överallt. Men bokens innehåll pekar på att betydelsen är en annan. Jordnära, vardagligt och ja, innerligt. Annannan kände sig förtrogen med Gerda och tog det på känslan.

Denna vecka är det ett citat från en av mina tidigare favoritförfattare som jag nu inte läst på många år.
Vem och vad?

   The wedding was to be at the Peking hotel. Modern weddings were seldom in homes, as the old-fashioned ones still were, and now streams of fashionably dressed people were being driven in horse carriages and motor-cars towards the hotel. Dr. Su, the groom, had been three times married and twice divorced. His first wife still lived in the remote ancestral homestead somewhere in Szechuen, but nobody had ever seen her, nor did he ever speak of her. Two sons, now grown, were internes at the hospital but they also never spoke of the small, silent, illiterate woman who was their mother. To-night they stood near their father when James entered the lobby of the hotel. Dr. Su, in Western evening dress and white gloves, welcomed his guests pleasantly, and a uniformed servant offered cocktails and tea. Dr. Su had been married so often that he did not take the event with any embarrassment and he chatted with his colleagues and friends.
   ‘Dr. Liang – Jim,’ he said affectionately in English. ‘Come along, man – choose your drink. Tea? You are so old-fashioned.’
   James smiled. ‘Such tea seems rather a novelty to me,’ he said. He liked Dr. Su, who was his senior surgeon, and he spoke to him in English as a courtesy. He had never heard Dr. Su speak Chinese except to a servant.
   The great lobby, fragrant with lilies, was soon filled with guests. The men were in Western clothes for the most part, and the women in graceful close-fitting Chinese dress. Here and there a military officer’s uniform shone resplendently and swords clanked. There were a few elderly men in rich Chinese gowns, enough to show that Dr. Su had his grateful patients everywhere.


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