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Tisdagsförströelse 54

Det var lugnt och stillsamt i båset förra veckan. Sportlov. Bara Niffin hittade hit. Men visste också vilken bok jag hade hämtat citatet från. För visst var det Sarah Waters ”Fingersmith”.

Ett råd till blivande författare som jag läst är att man inte ska överraska sina läsare. Den boken har inte Sarah Waters läst. Jag har aldrig blivit så lurad någon gång. Men positivt överraskad. En riktigt bra bok.

Men här är veckans citat, vad är detta?

   Bayard broke into a curious little run, making for an archway to the left of the foyer. Detective Howie, startled, took a heavy step in pursuit. But he stopped short, for Bayard Fox had stopped short … stopped to gaze into a room, an ordinary enough room, a typical Wrightsville Hill livingroom, but Bayard was looking at it as if therein lay the secret of all his lifetime and he was viewing it from some afterlife, with humility and wonder.
   He went in; and, infected by his mood, they followed him almost on tiptoe.
   Muttering, Chief Dakin hurled the windows and shutters open. A breeze blew in, and the sour air stirred sluggishly. And after a while it became almost breathable.
   ”I want the picture,” said Ellery. ”I want the picture of Jessica Fox as she was just before the tragedy.”
   He glanced at Bayard; but Bayard’s eyes were on the sofa, a French-provincial reproduction. Ellery wondered what there was in the undistinguished piece of furniture to attract the man. But then he realised that Bayard was not looking at the sofa, but at the afghan that lay upon it. It was imaginatively made, the work of a woman clever with her fingers. It lay on the sofa, its colours infaded, and one had merely to squint in order to see a pallid woman with clever fingers lying under it there, in the dust.

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